Finishing works

Painting works

Painting works are our basic activity.

Depending on the previously used materials and processing techniques, along with processing and preparing of old bases, we perform outdoor façade painting and indoor painting with half-disperse and disperse colours (acryl, silicate or silicon colours) including all necessary preparations, depending on the purpose of the space.

Together with decorative processing of the indoor walls it is also possible to choose all kinds of decorative wall paper as well as processing of wood (lacquering new wood bases with acryl, oil, nitro or polyurethane lacquers, old bases processing and lacquering) and concrete bases (painting of concrete walls, floors, masonite and all other materials with suitable colours).

We provide wood bases adaptation service as well as the final phase of lacquering carpentry elements in our own workshop and deliver them to the building site as finished products.

As a final result it is possible to achieve the spectre of wanted effects by repairing and processing of problematic bases.

We provide technologist's professional advice and control in all phases of our work. 

Plaster-cardboard works

Plaster - cardboard works are the type of works that allow creating the new and redesigning the existing purpose of the space.

Simplicity and quality of the material allows adjusting the purpose of the space or its visual aspect with the high level of aesthetics and functionality.

Using quality material for dry prefabricated construction we set and assemble hung ceilings, partition walls and wall coverings, stucco work and trimming as well as make various details in accordance with the customer's wishes and needs (joists, columns, etc.).

We build new and adapt the existing attics.

Flooring works

Before laying and building in we prepare and create bases and dry glazes, depending on the material that is being built in.

Following this process, and depending on the purpose of the space we lay and build in classical and exotic parquet, lamella parquet, laminate floors, PVC floors, carpets, ceramics (ceramic floor and wall coverings), stone, industrial floors.

Carpentry works

We provide making and building in of all kinds of tailor made furniture, outdoor and indoor fences, corner and other laths as well as all kinds of wood objects.

Depending on the purpose of the product and the space predicted for it we make plans to define the look and the quality of the used material as soon as possible.

Adaptation of wood bases as well as the final phase of lacquering carpenter elements is provided in our workshops and the objects are delivered to the building site as finished products.

Building Carpentry works

We build in and adapt building carpentry, wood, PVC and aluminium windows and doors.

Using PVC and aluminium carpentry we make summer gardens, close and glaze balconies and other suitable spaces. 

Glazing works

Glazing using all kinds of glass and making, processing, cutting, shaping and building in of glass surfaces building in of glass bricks.

Rolling Shutters works

We make and install all kinds of awnings, rolling shutters, strip curtains, outdoor Venetian blinds and provide servicing, repair and cleaning of the old ones.

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