Construction works

Facade works

Making the new and repairing the existing facades with the possibility of comparison between the existing and the new look of the facade, according to desired colours and
structure, through computer presentation in 3D animations before the beginning of actual works.

The works include classical facades, facades with thermal plaster, DEMIT facades made of styropore, mineral wool, thermal insulation panels (type heraklit) or cork, tin facades.

All works are performed in accordance with technical instruction of producers of chosen and used materials.

Bricklaying works

Besides making static calculations we perform all kinds of bricklaying works and repairs of special objects including: bricklaying, demolition and adjusting of partition and foundation walls, making wall and floor openings and lintels, making concrete floors with or without Fert beams and the like, making white ceilings and constructions of siporex blocks, classic bricklaying and siporex blocks bricking, making classic or machine dry glazes, classic and machine wall and ceiling plastering (indoor and outdoor), rough and fine repairs following finished installation and other works, plastering and glaze making.

Locksmith works

Locksmith works include building in or substitution of the existing inox, black forged and art locksmith works as well as other forged products.

We make foundation constructions and all kinds of outdoor fences as well as make, build in and adapt: yard and balcony fences, outdoor and indoor stairways, windows and doors.

Insulation works

Quality insulation is the basis of all further construction works considering construction demands, desired finishing works and interior decoration.

Insulation works are the basis that demands quality execution and application of high-quality material to provide endurance of further works.

Our offer includes horizontal and vertical hydro insulation (liquid insulation) of foundations, basement and flat roofs, classical heat and sound insulation and removing of
capillary moisture by injection.

Tinsmith works

We perform all kinds of tinsmith works with galvanized and copper tin on the objects of all types and purposes.

Roofing works

Depending on the need roofing works include all phases of roofing, from making roof constructions to covering the construction with the chosen covering
as well as repair and reconstruction of the existing roofs.

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