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  • Painting works

    Painting works

    Decorative processing of the indoor walls as well as outdoor façade, with high quality materials and processing techniques possible to achieve the spectre of wanted effects as the final result.

  • Facade works

    Facade works

    Making the new and repairing the existing classical facades, facades with thermal plaster, DEMIT facades made of styropore, mineral wool, thermal insulation panels (type heraklit) or cork as well as tin facades to achieve the spectre of wanted effects as the final result.

Gradnja-kolor Ltd. was founded in 1976. as a painting trade. Since 1992 our company has been registered as the company for finishing works in civil engineering Gradnja-kolor Ltd., therefore painting works still remain our basic activity.

In the last fifteen years we have perfected and integrated in the existing system a large number of works and services in civil engineering. Our aim was to provide a unique and complete service in one place from executing finishing building and installation works on new objects to repairs, adaptations and maintenance works on exiting objects, no matter what type and purpose they were.

Throughout the execution we guarantee high quality of the executed works on business and private objects, including planning, building, professional supervision and advising.

High standard work is applied through efficient, high-quality and complete service in each project.